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1.1 Introduction

Kings University provides a Christian environment in which spiritual growth is central. In addition to the promotion of scholarly pursuits, the University endeavours to instil in the students a deep spiritual quality that coupled with academic growth, enables the student to build a blessed, fruitful, rewarding and
useful life.

1.2 Chapel

Chapel service is important to the basic purpose of Kings University. The University is set up to raise leaders and transform minds of the coming generation in order to change society. To achieve this vision, all students admitted must
exhibit traits expressed in the following values:
1. Openness, Honesty and Integrity
2. Passion and Enthusiasm
3. Innovation and Creativity
4. Courage and Humility

The University is committed to a continuing analysis and evaluation of chapel service to make it a worthwhile experience, Appropriate attitudes and behaviours are expected.

1.3 Chapel Attendance

The university specifies that weekly chapel service be held with attendance mandatory for all students every week on Mondays from 8.00 am to 9.00 am and Fridays from 12 noon to 1.00 pm. Sunday service takes place at 4.00 pm. Services last 60 minutes and always include a devotional period and announcements of general interest. The planned programs are designed to stimulate intellectual, religious and social development.

1.4 Chapel Etiquette

All students shall

1.4.1 attend all chapel services and shall be on their seats at least ten minutes prior to the beginning of the service.

1.4.2 seek the permission of Dean Students Affairs in writing for any form of absence from chapel services. The permission can only be sought on the following grounds, official representation of the University in an external programme, illness, death in the immediate family, or other reasons approved by Dean Students Affairs;

1.4.3 not eat, drink or chew gum in the Chapel;

1.4.4 not use Laptops, cell phones, headphones, walk-man or anything that could distract anyone's attention during the service;

1.4.5 participate in all chapel services except on the condition of ill-health. Anyone caught sitting down while others are standing for praise, worship or prayers shall be sanctioned;

1.4.6 observe full decorum while chapel service is on-going. Anyone found moving in and out, making side comment, distracting others and chatting on the phone shall be penalised except were the distraction is absolutely necessary;

1.4.7 possess a copy of the Bible and/or notepad for recording messages;

1.4.8 not loiter around the chapel building, the cafeteria, Halls of Residence, faculty buildings, the Administrative Building, the Library and Information Technology Centre Office (ITC) while the service is on-going;

1.4.9 not slouch, slumber or sleep while service is on-going;

1.4.10 pay appropriate respect for speakers and others in the Chapel service;

1.4.11 dress corporately to the Chapel. See the University Dress Code for interpretation of Corporate Dressing; and

1.4.12 remove their Caps (male only) during Chapel Service

1.5 Order of Procession

The Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, University Librarian, Bursar, Staff and Students in this Order. Any Student who violates this order of procession shall be sanctioned as prescribed by article 2.14 of the Code of Conduct for Students.

1.6 Sanctions

For a breach of University Chapel Etiquettes for Students, sanctions range from a warning, suspension for a period not exceeding one to two sessions, or expulsion from the University. See the University Code of Conduct for Students for the appropriate sanction.