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Accommodation Policy

i. The policy of the University is to provide accommodation for all registered students. It is compulsory for all undergraduates to        live on campus. Students will be allocated into Halls of Residence by the Student Affairs Unit.
ii. Students are required to come with their own beddings (i.e. bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets).
iii. Students shall be responsible for the cleaning of their rooms and for their laundry.

Conduct in the Hall of Residence

Students shall
i. not sell, buy, advertise or market items in the Halls of Residence and the University environment.
ii. not cook in the Halls of Residence.
iii. not entertain visitors in their rooms. Visitors shall be attended to at the Hall of Residence Common Room.
iv. not possess or use knife or any other sharp object that is likely to cause bodily harm to other students 
v. not possess or use boiling ring (boiler), electric stove and any other Stove in the Hall of Residence.
vi. not cover their bunks, though, students may use transparent mosquito nets.
vii. not change their allotted rooms, space, bunks or exchange with any other student except with the permission of the Hall             Supervisor.
viii. not visit the Halls of Residence of the opposite sex except if permission of the Hall Supervisor is sought and obtained.
ix. not use any form of electrical appliances in the Hall of residence.
x. register their Phones and Laptops with the Hall Supervisor or such other officer designated by him.
xi. not use candles, incense and aromatic oils as it poses a fire risk. Rechargeable lamps and torch lights are permitted.
xii. maintain a reasonable level of personal hygiene. Students are responsible for cleaning their rooms and keeping them tidy. 
xiii. not sell, use or possess any illegal drugs into any of the University Halls of Residence or on the University premises.

Missing Items

Roommates shall pay for any Hall items missing from a room allocated. The cost of any items missing from other areas of the Hall will be charged to the individual(s) responsible. If individual(s) cannot be identified, costs will be charged across the entire Hall.

No parties are permitted in the Halls of Residence at any time.


Students shall not: 
i. Make any noise that disturbs other students or neighbours at any time. Excessive noise will result in disciplinary action.
ii. Make any noise that disturbs other students studying during examinations or study breaks.


i. Students shall not leave the campus for any reason without the permission of the Students Affairs Unit.
ii. Any student who desires to leave the campus for any reason shall apply for an exeat from the Students Affairs Unit.
iii. Any student who desires to leave the campus for any reason shall apply for an exeat from the Students Affairs Unit at least 24 hours before leaving.

Night Control

i. Students shall be in their allotted Halls of Residence by 10.00pm.
ii. No student should be seen in dark places within the campus and any student found in a dark place shall be sanctioned.


i. The University approved time for the Cafeteria is 7.00am to 8.00pm. Any student found in the cafeteria after the approved time shall be sanctioned.
ii. Meal tickets are not transferable. Any student found in possession of another student’s meal ticket shall be sanctioned.
iii. Students are to queue at all times for their meals.
iv. Students shall treat the Cafeteria staff with respect.


For breach of University Rules on Hall of Residence, sanctions range from a warning, suspension for a period not exceeding one to two sessions, or expulsion from the University. See the University Code of Conduct for Students for the appropriate sanction.